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Structured Cabling


From installing feature rich, state of the art phone systems to providing additional LAN outlets, Intech Communications has the expertise to assist you in ensuring your company's Telecommunications needs are met.


Intech Communications is focused on supplying the full voice and LAN solution, ensuring that your infrastructure is capable of the quality of service required to run converged networks with Voice over IP ( VoIP) Whether you are looking for a traditional Business Telephone System or you want to take advantage of the latest IP telephony technologies, Intech Communications can provide you with a solution that best suits your business telephony requirements. Intech Communications have fully trained and accredited Telecommunications Technicians who hold registered Open Cabling Licences with Structured Copper Cat5e/Cat6/Cat6A, Fibre Optic and Fibre Optic Testing certificated to professionally install, all the above proprietary structured cabling systems.

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